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About me

Joseph G. (Josef Gsödl)

About me

To act as a freelance artist means to me, to be free of everything, to be free to buy me a canvas. Free of any prepossession from school and free of influence of any trend, only following what my inner self tells me to do. To be allowed to stand still, to be able to listen inside my soul, despite the raging vortex of an ever-faster moving world.To stand still, to listen what is going on, what is outside, what is inside. What do I feel, what do I want, what does touch my heart, what is going on in the deepest inner of myself?The beginning: to prime a canvas and I already smell the scent of the colour, as it is inviting me into its world, into a world full of marvels. Like an adventure the process of painting starts getting in motion. I apply the first layer with a spatula onto the primed canvas. A journey begins, in which the path to destination or sometimes the destination itself evolves itself while the process of painting is developing and not until then. To break new grounds in painting, that I did not know before, or that I could not have planned. Where adventure and spontaneity opens a huge freedom which has no limits, and let develop a work of art, that is a life, as if it had an essence, that works on me while I am contemplating it.The pictures speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy when looking at them. Joseph G. ( Josef Gsödl ) born 1962

J o s e p h G. ( J o s e f G s ö d l )

Informal painting


With manifold and multilayered, by means of my capabilities to perceive and design visually, and hereby created artwork, I would like to give inspiring insight into my very inner universe of experiences. This of course is up to the eye of the contemplator.

The painter Joseph G. ( Josef Gsödl) is rightly seen as a part of the newer type of the so-called „diversity“, due to his abundant producing. An exhibition of Gerhard Richter and an encounter with Ai Weiwei were the initial spark for his producing. The themes of his paintings, like gladness, happiness and also gates to inwardness received lively approval on his solo exhibitions 2012-2013, which took place in the Rotkreuz Hospital, the city library and the German Cardiac Center, all in munich. In the years 2014 – 2015 through his 4 elements (16 paintings) and the many earlier themes like „Guards Gates Worlds“, in a blessed moment the four mirrored elements evolved. Starting with the exhibitions Commundo Tagungshotel Ismaning 2014; ART MUC 2014; ART MUC 2015; the exhibitions in Zurich (represented by The gallery Steiner, Vienna), the ART Monaco 2015, Art Fair Shanghai 2015 and Artexpo New York 2016 – the emerging artist seems to have no impediments for his ongoing rise. The exhibitions of ART Busan 2016 in South Korea, the gallery Steiner 2016 in Austria and the Red Dot Miami in the USA underline his successful career. This very positive impression was echoed by several journalists and art critics, be it reports in local and federal media like Süddeutsche Zeitung, Münchner Merkur, Abendzeitung Online, as well as art magazines like CULT and UND.

An art appreciation from the art critic hwmueller, regarding my exhibitions:

There is no metaphor, standing more fundamental for transformation, than the gate. They are the entrance to another world, beyond the imagined one. With the disillusionment, the battering of the veil of Gaia, who is feigning us reality, Joseph G (Josef Gsödl) is touching painting to the quick.

The artist is also a guardian of our senses. He leads us and protects us from the delusion and the hubris, that wants to make us believe, that all power comes from the matter.

Even if Joseph G (Josef Gsödl) does nott know for himself the world of utopia beyond the gates, he still gives us an idea of the depths of all being. The color layers, which overlay each other in his paintings and penetrate and fight each other, free up a space, that lies between things.

Not the suggested space on the other side, with all its promises of salvation is his utopia, but the aesthetic feedback effect in the here and now. To withstand this tension is a top performance for the viewer, that is rewarded him richly however.

Because the 14 archetypes of mental states – from spiritual ecstasy of ethereal sensibility in chiseled shades of green up to archaic violence in the purgatory of a red shade excess – are here exhausted masterly on the sensitive claviature of human emotions.

(hwmueller - art critic - Dec 2012)

Joseph G. (Josef Gsödl) born in 1962